Unflavoured Freebase Nicotine 1L 200mg Max %PG

Unflavoured Freebase Nicotine 1L 200mg Max %PG
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200mg Unflavoured Nicotine 1L

  • Store in freezer
  • Wear Gloves
  • Wear Eye Protection
  • Keep away from Children
  • Wash hands with Soap after use


Desired / Base x Size =

3mg (desired) divided by 200mg (Base) multiply 60 (size of bottle) = 0.9ml

How much to add ?

Large vape device with more smoke = 3-6mg (under 0.15ohm to 1.0ohm)

Pod Device = 8-12mg (1.0ohm+)

  • 100% PG
  • Dow chemicals PG USP Grade 99%
  • 1L

Manufactures recommend 2 years expiry, however, there is not enough evidence to suggest product will spoil after 2 years

We recommend storing in Vacuum sealed bag inside freezer away from sunglight

1x 1L Unflavoured Nicotine

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